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Anderson Manor Retreat - Opening June 22, 2024


The offical opening date for the Anderson Manor Retreat and the Patio Cafe is June 22, 2024. For more information and to book, contact

Anderson Manor Retreat

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Welcome to Anderson Manor Retreat in Monforte da Beira, Portugal. Owned by Bob Anderson and Catherine Anderson, the retreat includes the Anderson Manor Hotel (aka Casa d’Aldeia). The retreat is also home to the second KATA Running Retreat, with the first one opened in 2019 in Thika, Kenya.

Our retreat offers a variety of activities to promote the well-being and health of our guests. Among our facilities, we highlight:

Da Patio Cafe - A cozy café where you can enjoy delicious meals and drinks.

Fitness Center - Equipped with a pickleball court for sports enthusiasts.

Mandala Garden - A special garden for growing vegetables, providing a unique experience in contact with nature.

Yoga Classes and Sport Massages - We will offer yoga classes and massage services for relaxation and revitalization.

Walking, Hiking and Trails - Explore the beautiful landscapes of Monforte da Beira with our hiking and trail activities.

We have at least one accredited Kenyan coach and several Kenyan athletes on staff year around who are here to help our guests achieve their personal goals.

Bob and Catherine Anderson plan to reside at the Anderson Manor Retreat about 50% of the time.  If you would like to coordinate your stay while they are there, this can be confirmed in advance of your booking.  Bob runs and walks everyday and would love to have you join him.  Catherine is always working on an art project, cooking or outside in the garden and would love to offer her advice on many experiences. 

Anderson Manor Retreat

Getting to our manor is part of the experience we are offering. We suggest that you find a flight that gets you into the Lisbon International airport before 11:30am. Once there, go through immigration and collect your bags. Then walk out to the curb and catch a taxi to the train station (Oriente).

You of course may also use Uber (usually the taxi is less expensive and quicker, no wait) or even the metro. If you choose to take a taxi, make sure to ask the driver if they accept credit card payments. (if you do not have at least 12 euro on hand). You should buy a train ticket in advance online at OMIO, and for just a few euros more I would suggest selecting first class seating. Buy your ticket to Castelo Branco. Cost is going to be around 20 euros. Once at the train station, (you may also buy your ticket at the station using a kiosk or the ticket desk if it is open, and may only cost a few extra euros), then go upstairs and go to platform 5.

The train ride to Castelo Branco is amazing, relaxing and beautiful. The 1:23pm train is the one we suggest but there are other departure times. Check the duration of the trip, some are as much as 4 hours which has many stops. The 2.5 hour train trip takes you through the mountains and along the river with minimal stops. You will have room to move around, Wi-Fi and in first class you can even buy food and drink. Once in Castelo Branco, you will be picked up by one of our staff members, who will transport you by car to our Anderson Manor Retreat (KATA Portugal) located at Rua do Penedo 8, 6000-580 Monforte da Beira, Central Portugal.

Bob and Catherine Anderson (owners/directors) always take the train. They have also rented a car (expensive and not necessary for this adventure and it also takes the same amount of time as well), and have also taken the bus. The bus is a little less expensive and gets you there but it is just not as pleasant. However it is another option for sure.

The rail journey from Lisbon to Castelo Branco is full of pleasant surprises.



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